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Up your game.

Whether you have a green horse who needs to learn the basics, or a more experienced partner who needs a tune up, head trainer Maddy Brown offers a variety of training packages to meet your needs. Her background in everything from breeding and starting to catch-riding and upper level competing provides her with the knowledge necessary to bring you and your horse to the next level.

Maddy brings an understanding and flexible approach to training. She treats each horse as an individual, works with a soft hand, and places great importance on building confidence and trust through communication in and out of the tack. Training programs involve work in the saddle and on the ground to educate safe, confident, happy horses who aim to please. Hunters, jumpers, ponies, and event horses all find a place to thrive in her program.

Programs & Pricing

Individual Rides: starting at $35 each

Basic Tune Up Package: $140 per month

One ride per week

Competitor Tune Up Package: $250 per month

Two rides per week

Full Training: $600 per month, plus board

4-6 work days per week, including mounted and ground work, lunging in Pessoa System, grooming, bathing, and regular care.

Partial Training: $350 per month, plus board

3 work days per week, including mounted and ground work, lunging in Pessoa System, grooming, bathing, and regular care.

Consignment and showing programs are also available! Inquire for more information.

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