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Home sweet home.

The Farm at One Under Lane offers a variety of boarding options to ensure you and your horse feel at home here. Our program is based on an understanding that each horse is an individual. We provide hands-on and individually tailored care that is second to none. Every boarder can expect full access to all of our amenities, as well as the following services:

  • Individualized feeding programs to suit each horse's unique needs

  • Range of Tribute Feeds fed twice daily

  • High quality Timothy/Alfalfa hay

  • Feeding of owner-provided supplements

  • Simplifly feed-through fly control during spring/summer

  • Ample turnout with shelter in small herd or private settings

  • Blanketing/fly sheeting

  • Scheduling and holding for routine farrier and veterinary appointments

  • Ample daily turnout with shelter

  • Horse trailer parking

  • Easy electronic billing

Hilltop Barn

The Hilltop Barn features seven 12x12 airy stalls with dutch rear doors and immediate access to turnout. The shedrow style provides crossties in front of every stall, and the finished tack room provides space for saddles, bridles, and other items. A double wash rack provides a convenient place for a rinse or bath!

$660 per month

Main Barn

The Main Barn is a concrete-built shed row style barn with eight 12x12 stalls, featuring stall gates and windows. The Main Barn is also home to our feed room, lesson tack room, and has its own air conditioned boarder tack room with restroom. It provides quick access to all amenities.

$660 per month

Pole Barn

The Pole Barn features seven custom built 12x12 stalls with dutch front doors. Some stalls have attached semi-private turnout options, while others enjoy turnout in our spacious main fields. The Pole Barn has its own tack room as well as being home to our Riders Lounge, and has its own wash rack for convenience!

$660 per month


Private Stalls

We now have seven custom built, airy 12x12 stalls with attached 1.5 acre private paddocks for horses who prefer their own space. These stalls each include adjacent tack room and crossties. We have three of these stalls Ringside and four on the Hilltop. 

$750 per month

Turnout Board

Horses on turnout board enjoy 24/7 turnout in small herd settings in our spacious pastures with shelter. They receive individualized grain meals up to twice daily and hay in the winter months when the grass is dormant. Throughout the spring and summer, our lush fields provide plenty of delicious forage! Turnout board includes access to all of our amenities and services, minus a stall.

$485 per month

Additional Services

Layup Board

We have an unbelievable success rate with rehabbing horses. This completely customizable, inclusive boarding option for existing clients includes stall rest, hand walking, cold hosing, wrapping, medicating, and everything else you need to ease the difficulty of equine injuries.

Additional charges apply for Layup Board.

Private & Semi-Private Turnout Options

Full & Partial Training Board

Consignment Board

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